Product of the Month

Product of the Month

ECO FAN –  NO Batteries Required!

The Problem: A solid fuels stove is great for that cosy, real fire look and feel.  However, the heat tends to rise to the ceiling just above and around the stove.

Solution: The Eco Fan

Place the Eco Fan on top of your solid fuel stove.  As the stove heats up, the blades begin to turn.  The warmer the stove, the faster they turn. The fan then begins to evenly, and gently, distribute the heat around the room / boat.  No more cold legs or feet!  Heat reaching much further back along the boat!

Tests have proven, using an Eco Fan results in fuel & emissions savings of up to 14%.  That means you could be burning 14% less solid fuel!  There are no plugs or batteries required.  The Eco Fan generates is own electricity simply from the heat of the stove. 

Bailey’s Trading Post stock the E800 and the brand new E812 Airmax Eco Fan. ( A two bladed fan which superseded the 3 bladed E802 Eco Fan in October 2011).   Contact us for our latest prices or more details.

N.B. We recommend the use of a stove top thermometer inconjunction with an Eco Fan.




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